Wonderland Design: Services

Video & DVD

Weddings, christenings, parties, functions, graduations, luncheons, picnics, quick snacks. Wonderland Design can film them all. Using broadcast quality cameras, editing techniques and post production procedures, you will be able to digitally capture your precious your precious moments, to be enjoyed again in years to come.

Wonderland Design can also work with you to create promotional video material, such as shooting a live concert or music video, or TV advertisements.

Example Package: Wedding DVD

For more information on video services, please contact us.


Wonderland Design can also convert your existing home videos, from almost any format, to either VHS or DVD. As part of this process we can apply colour correction processes, helping restore your footage to their original vitality.

The audio can also be professionally engineered to remove unwanted elements, such as hiss, and if so desired - a musical soundtrack could be added.

If you select DVD as your medium, we can add animated menu screens, scene selections and more.

For more information on DVD services, please contact us.